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3D World interview

The lovely folks at 3D World Magazine decided to feature my Anatomy for the Artist piece in the January issue of 2014.

The guy behind the pixels.

Hello! My name is Zeno Pelgrims. I’m an 18 year old 3D visualisation and Animation student currently living in Bournemouth, UK. For the past two years I have been absolutely passionate about 3D. Everyday I strive to learn more and more. I've even written some tutorials on the basic, yet tricky aspects of 3D!

I love talking to anyone about my passion for 3D art. I'm always open for collaborations and all kinds of feedback. So even if you are not interested in my work, feel free to get in touch and have a nice little chat with me! Want to check out which polygons I have been pushing? Visit my portfolio or my blog.

3D Total Excellence Award